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Resonance Podiatry -BHSc (Podiatry) Ashleigh Steiner

Ashleigh is passionate about all facets of podiatric care and providing comprehensive treatment for patients from all walks of life. Ashleigh has a particularly keen affinity for children's podiatry and sports medicine within the Podiatry profession and holds a particular interest in gait analysis, biomechanical assessment, treatment and ultimately, prevention. Ashleigh has an eager enthusiasm to get to the bottom of any lower limb problem you may be experiencing, and with a thorough management plan working in partnership with her patients, aims to help enable them to be pain free as efficiently as possible.

Resonance Podiatry is an integral part of the Hutt Physiotherapy Centre.  The team at Resonance Podiatry has over 20 years experience in providing excellence in podiatric care throughout the Wellington, Porirua and Hutt Valley region.  We pride ourselves on being committed to excel in understanding your imbalances and the cause of your pain, and are committed to treating and managing your pain or injury to the very end, helping you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. 

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