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Angela Armstrong - B.Sc. Hons, M.Sc. Clinical Psychology (1992), Registered Clinical Psychologist NZ, MNZCCP, Member of NZ Pain Society

Angela trained and worked as a Clinical Psychologist in the UK prior to immigrating to New Zealand where she has worked since 2007. Angela works with adults with a wide range of difficulties from depression, anxiety and anger, to grief or eating disorders amongst other things. She can also help with managing various life events such as relationship difficulties, work stress and chronic pain. Often this is done by identifying thoughts and behaviours that may exacerbate or maintain a problem; by suggesting useful coping strategies and by problem solving. Work is collaborative, done in partnership through discussion. Someone can be seen for any number of hour long sessions depending on what is required and these can be spaced out as often as the person feels he or she needs. This is discussed and agreed upon together with the client at the initial session.

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